4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Week in Cornwall

Want to come to Cornwall, but aren’t sure you’ve got the time? Many people instantly think of spending a couple of weeks in the south west. It’s a big commitment, both in terms of time and money, so it’s not surprising that you might decide you can’t make it.

And people worry that they won’t get to see enough of Cornwall. From the rugged North Coast to the soft beaches of the South, the moors to the museums: there’s a lot to get through. But you don’t have to get through everything in one go. In fact, it’s better not to – that way, you have an excuse to come back!

Here are four great reasons why you should consider short Cornish breaks.

A short break is far easier to arrange

A week is a convenient amount of time – it fits half term perfectly, for starters. Finding a couple of weeks or more to come to Cornwall isn’t always an easy task. If you are bringing the kids you’ll need to wait until the holidays, or get permission from their school. If it’s just adults, whether your partner or friends, you will need to arrange time off work. Ten days or more is a sizeable chunk of your holiday allowance. A week long getaway in Cornwall leaves plenty over for other trips, long weekends, or for emergencies.

Go away without disrupting your routine

A week in Cornwall allows you to enjoy yourself without having to make any big changes or get released from your regular commitments for very long. It’s much easier to take a short holiday at any time of the year, unlike a long holiday which will be a lot harder to fit into your usual routine.

See Cornwall while saving money

A week long getaway in Cornwall is a highly affordable option, giving you enough time to truly enjoy yourself without putting a significant dent in your finances. Not only will you save money on your holiday accommodation, you’ll also be spending less on dining out, transport, and entertainment. A week long break in Cornwall is a brilliant way of enjoying a well-deserved rest without having to break the bank.

Try before you commit

If you’ve never been to St Ives, or the rest of Cornwall, you might not have any idea of what to expect. Perhaps you are planning a big holiday next year but aren’t quite sure where to go. A mini-retreat is the perfect solution, as it allows you to experience the delights of Cornwall without using up too much of your time or money in the process. It gives you the chance to have a great time without using up all of your resources. You could even come again later in the year if you wanted, sampling the different atmosphere and attractions.

We’re sure you’ll be so thrilled with your time that you will want to come back, but don’t just take our word for it. Give Cornwall a go by booking your mini-break today!