Cherished Concierge Service

We would love all of our guests to have advance access to all of the local information that St Ives and the surrounding area have to offer ahead of your Cherished holiday.

With the advantage of all of the Cherished Team living and working locally in St Ives, we have all compiled a very personal guide which is a great insight into what’s on your doorstep to enhance your stay whilst on holiday.

As part of every booking, we send you our ‘Cherished insider’s guide to St Ives’, to ensure that you come fully prepared! Our guide is also a great starting point when talking to the Cherished team who in addition to our guide, can also advise and recommend many other things that will ensure that you have a fabulous holiday in St Ives including, but not restricted to;

  • Additional housekeeping services
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Catering services, including private chefs
  • Local transport services
  • Local leisure services and activities
  • Local health & beauty services including local spas
  • Babysitting information
  • Dog sitting information
  • Local art and craft classes and activities