A Day In The Life Of A Property Support Manager by Amy Robson

Upon arriving at the office on Saturday morning, the lights, radio and more importantly, the kettle are switched on and a brew made before I settle into my very luxurious white leather office chair to check through emails. Almost instantly, the phone rings and it’s our lovely window cleaner Dave checking which properties have guests arriving and require super shiny windows! Next a call to Glyn our incredibly loyal handy man to go through the list of jobs that I have for him. Painting a feature wall in a downalong property, a new blind to be put up in an apartment located on Porthmeor beach and a new kitchen tap for one of our larger properties in an elevated position in St Ives. As per usual, Glyn agrees to all of these and ends the call with his favourite phrase ‘Happy Days!’.

A couple of phone calls and emails later, I venture into the Cherished sub office to pack up the welcome hampers for the day ahead. Only 8 hampers in all today all filled with local loveliness for our guests to enjoy. I pack up the van with the hampers and our trusty change over bag (which only lacks a kitchen sink but might as well throw one in as it weighs an absolute ton!). Just as I am about to shut the office door, the phone rings, a guest who made it down to Cornwall in much better time than they had imagined (must be the new A30), can they get in early? I contact the cleaners to check that they have finished and ensure that I head there first to carry out my checks and put the hamper in ready for their arrival.

Engine started, I pull off out of the drive of Cherished HQ and head into town. Many people don’t enjoy driving around St Ives, but I absolutely love it. Nipping down back roads and navigating my way around tight corners I arrive at my first stop, Back Road East. Entering the cottage I bump into the cleaners just as they are leaving, a quick catch up with them and I deliver the hamper to the dining table, checking that the manual, spare key and parking permit are in place and then make my way upstairs to start my checks.

Beds all made beautifully, bathroom sparkling and the most beautiful smell of polish in the air. The rest of the cottage echoes this and then I thoroughly check the kitchen feeling very appreciative that the previous guests have used the dishwasher and the pans, glasses, crockery and cutlery are spotless – hooray! Noticing that more dishwasher tablets, washing tablets and bin liners are required, I replenish these, file away the check sheet, grab our Cherished bag and make my way to the front door. I finally check the key safe, wipe down the front door and move on to the next property.

An apartment next with the most spectacular views over Porthmeor beach – who needs artwork with views like this? I step on to the balcony to check all is clean and tidy and spend a few moments admiring the view, feeling rather excited for the lucky guests who are about to call this place home for the week. Again, carry out my top to bottom checks, just a lightbulb to change here, position the hamper carefully on the table, leave a lamp on for a welcoming arrival. I work my way through the further 6 properties and exhausted from running up and down many a staircase, head back to the office, but not before texting the boss to put the kettle on! Arriving back to the office, a steaming cup of coffee on my desk, I slump back into my office chair and share the goings on in and about town and the properties, satisfied that all is shipshape…’Happy Days’!

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