St Ives Summer – What Can I Expect?

St Ives is one of those places which is fantastic all year around, and there is no denying that summer is when the town really comes alive. There’s always something happening, and in a town this vibrant, you can be sure there will be an event that tickles your fancy. There are plenty of things to see and do, and the events we’re mentioning below are just a small sample. More are planned and announced every week, so it’s always worth checking again to avoid missing out.

Here are some of the great things that will make this yet another memorable and marvellous St Ives summer. All times and event details can be found at One St Ives. We’ve picked out some of the best for you.


The St Ives Jazz Club will be providing plenty of musical treats over the summer months, including the Huw Warren Trio and ARQ. Fans of the Shadows and Kate Bush can see tribute acts Hank and Bruce and Cloudbursting are at the St Ives Guildhall on the 7th of June and the 14th of June respectively. For a seventies throwback, why not go and see Supersonic?

Clubs and Classes

A big part of a lot of peoples holiday is the chance to relax. Yoga and Meditation classes are running throughout the summer months, offering the perfect chance to get into a calm state of mind and be able to fully appreciate your time in St Ives. There are also regular Art classes, particularly Life Drawing, so you could attend one of those and exercise your passion for creativity whilst on holiday and be inspired by the beautiful surroundings.


As you’d expect from such an artistic community, there are a lot of exhibitions running throughout the summer in St Ives. Such is the variety of art available to see that it would probably be easier to list what isn’t being displayed over the next few months! Whether you like classical or modern painting, sculpture or pottery, there is an exhibition and a gallery for you.


There is a great mixture of local markets in St Ives, showcasing the best of Cornish produce, made in and around St Ives. A farmers’ market, crafts market, and collectibles market all run semi-regularly, so it is very likely that one will be happening when you plan on holidaying with us.

Luxury accommodation in St Ives

A St Ives summer can be many things. The weather is hard to predict, the events are varied, and the experiences un-missable. One thing is certain, however, your holiday to St Ives is bound to be a busy one, crammed full of excitement and intrigue. The only problem you will face whilst down on holiday for a St Ives summer is how to fit it all in, even without taking into account all the other local areas worth exploring! The perfect holiday starts with the perfect accommodation. It’s right here, so browse our holiday accommodation today.