Ships Loft Cottage and the Evolution of St Ives

Amongst our multitude of properties with historical importance sits Ships Loft, a charming little cottage in Downalong, St Ives. Modernised now, this property boasts an impressive history within our quaint seaside town and is linked directly with the evolution of life in St Ives. We do imagine that if walls could talk, Ships Loft’s would have an awful lot of … Read More

The Story of Red Sails – St Ives Cornwall

Red Sails Holiday Cottage St Ives Cornwall

With a Grade II listing, Red Sails is one of our many properties of historical notability. The quaint, three-storey cottage was previously built for fishermen and their families, showing how life and work were so closely intertwined, and is dated back to the first half of the 19th century. It contains many of the original features and is steeped in … Read More

St Ives to St Just: A Scenic English Road Trip

St Ives from Zennor

The B3306 from St Ives to St Just – or the other way round, depending on which direction you head from – is one of the most beautiful road routes in England. With quaint villages and stunning views from start to finish, it’s definitely not a trip to pass up. Take your whole family on a day out to enjoy … Read More