Abstract Art comes to St Ives as Kazimir Malevich comes to Tate Modern

St Ives is a much respected and well known place for arts among the international community. Its history, influence, and claims to fame mean that its galleries can display some of the finest works by the most talented and significant artists of any generation. The Tate St Ives is a valuable and necessary part of the Tate family, cementing the town’s relationship with creativity and ingenuity.

This summer, Tate St Ives is featuring an exhibition of 20th century modern art in conjunction with the Tate Modern’s display of work by revolutionary Russian painter Kazimir Malevich.

Modern Art and St Ives, 1915-1965

The exhibition examines the way in which new artistic trends and movements shaped and influenced the artists living in St Ives during the 40s, 50s, and 60s. It is one of a series of exhibitions in the Tate St Ives exploring the local artistic culture, in the run up to the opening of new display galleries scheduled for 2016. Cornish art may be well known for its landscape paintings and scenes of typical Cornish lifestyles, but the Modern Art displays a look at the range of different pieces that were being influenced by major movements within the international artistic community.

One of these movements – constructivism – with its utopian ideals, ties in strongly with the Kazimir Malevich exhibition featured in the Tate Modern. The Russian painter, who lived from 1879 to 1935, had a huge influence on painting, experimenting heavily with abstract and eventually inventing suprematism – a style mixing strong geometric shapes and bold colours.

Local gallery – global art

Featuring items on loan from various international and private collections, the Modern Art and St Ives exhibit will examine how local post-war artists were influenced by their contemporaries across Europe. At a time when art was changing dramatically, with many new movements and styles evolving, how was St Ives affected? The display will include works by Peter Lanyon and Patrick Heron, side by side with work from their European contemporaries. The project is a joint effort led by Chris Stephens, the Tate Britain’s Lead Curator of Modern British Art. Sara Matson, Curator at Tate St Ives, with curate the exhibit, assisted by Rachel Smith, Doctoral Student at the Tate Research Centre for Creative Communities.

The exhibition will run until the 28th of September. It is free for Tate members and under 18s, with prices for adults at £7.70 (including donation), and concessions at £4.95 (including donation).

Be inspired by a visit to St Ives

You too can enjoy the sights and landscapes that have attracted and inspired generations of artists throughout the history of St Ives. We’ve luxury holiday cottages that provide the perfect place to stay, giving you a comfortable and relaxing base from which to explore the town. The Tate St Ives exhibit will still be running for another two months, giving you plenty of time to book your stay in St Ives.